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Welcome to FindingFlair

Exceptional businesses deserve an exceptional presence

Exceptional Services

From a basic website to data intelligence to custom application development, FindingFlair offers the most relevant and impactful digital services that individuals and small businesses need to deliver an exceptional digital presence.
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Exceptional Knowledge

Our team of service and engineering professionals have over a decade of experience in a multitude of industries and with companies large and small. We bring enterprise-level expertise down to the individuals and small businesses that need them.
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Exceptional Results

We measure results by the success of your digital presence and the wow-factor of your customers. Like you, we know that providing exceptional services and knowledge makes customers come back for more.
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FindingFlair Services

We take a multifaceted approach to your digital presence. No stone is left unturned.

Many individual and small businesses stop at a website or social media account, thinking that's all they need for a successful digital presence. This could not be further from the truth. FindingFlair specializes in providing digital solutions for ALL aspects of your business. Even those that you didn't think could benefit from it!

Custom Websites


Ah, the cornerstone of a digital presence. We offer custom and themed sites including hosting, maintenance, visitor analytics, contact forms, dynamic elements, and more. We will also work with site design services (like SquareSpace or Wix) with you if that's the route you want to go!

Social Media Marketing

Custom Applications & Integrations

If your business and customers demand more personalized service, then a custom-designed application might be what you need. Be it a mobile app, web-based application or 3rd party integration, we can guide you through planning, design, execution, support, and maintenance.

Social Media Marketing

Data Intelligence & Metrics

Every business has a wealth of data points that can be used to inform strategic decision making. Thougth our sister company i3 Data Consulting we can help you collect, analyze, and move based on what makes data-driven sense for your business. Don't make critical decisions in the dark.

Cloud Services

Cloud Applications & Services

The cloud isn't a scary thing. In fact, it's an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses! Let us guide you in the ways of the cloud so that you can leverage all that it has to offer while avoiding potential pitfalls. Storage, computing, services, oh my!

Process Improvements

Process Improvements

There are very likely numerous digital technologies that you can implement in your day-to-day business that will save you time and make you better organized. We can assess your exising processes and recommend and implement off-the-shelf or custom solutions.

Assurance and Piece of Mind

Assurance & Piece of Mind

Don't let all your hard work building an exceptional business go down the tubes becuase you didn't plan for a digital disaster! We can help you assess and plan your disaster and recovery stragegy so that an unexpected digital disaster won't cripple your ability to serve your customers.


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