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What We Do


Individual and Small Business Specialists

Many individual and small businesses stop at a website or social media account, thinking that's all they need for a successful digital presence. This could not be further from the truth. FindingFlair specializes in providing digital solutions for ALL aspects of your business. Even those that you didn't think could benefit from it!


Ah, the cornerstone of a digital presence. We offer custom and themed sites including hosting, maintenance, visitor analytics, contact forms, dynamic elements, and more. We will also work with site design services (like SquareSpace or Wix) with you if that's the route you want to go!

Custom Apps & Integrations

If your business and customers demand more personalized service, then a custom-designed application might be what you need. Be it a mobile app, web-based application or 3rd party integration, we can guide you through planning, design, execution, support, and maintenance.

Data Intelligence & Metrics

Through our sister company i3 Data Consulting, we offer data analysis and business intelligence. Let your data drive your business decisions through reporting, visualizations, and even machine learning. We handle everything from data collection and processing to reporting and archiving.

Cloud Applications & Services

The cloud isn't a scary thing. In fact, it's an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses! Let us guide you in the ways of the cloud so that you can leverage all that it has to offer while avoiding potential pitfalls. Storage, computing, services, oh my!

Process Improvements

There are very likely numerous digital technologies that you can implement in your day-to-day business that will save you time and make you better organized. We can assess your exising processes and recommend and implement off-the-shelf or custom solutions.

Assurance & Piece of Mind

Don't let all your hard work building an exceptional business go down the tubes becuase you didn't plan for a digital disaster! We can help you assess and plan your disaster and recovery stragegy so that an unexpected digital disaster won't criple your ability to serve your customers.

Enterprise Expertise; Local Accessibility

Having worked in technology and development departments of numerous large enterprises like Wells Fargo, The State of Arizona, Phoenix New Times, Precision Castparts, and Condé Nast, we offer over a decade of professional enterprise experience and services to our neighbors and local community!

Our Expertise


What We Can Do For You

  • Build and deploy custom, secure, and highly available websites and microsites.
  • Integrate dynamic content like contact forms, calendars, appointment scheduling, and more.
  • Third-party integrations like social media feeds, SalesForce/CRMs, APIs, and more.
  • Tracking and analytics for web, social media, email campaigns, and more.
  • Social media setup, monitoring, synchronicity, scheduled posting, engagement, analytics, and more.
  • e-Commerce integration: buy/donate buttons, shopping carts, complete storefront, bill/invoice payment, PayPal/Stripe integration, and more.
  • Business digital disaster planning, backup, and recovery.
  • Custom domain services including website, email, marketing, PURLs, and more.
  • Advanced cloud solutions in AWS for larger or more complex systems and services.

Exceptional businesses deserve an exceptional presence.

We take a multifaceted approach to your digital presence. No stone is left unturned.

Featured Services

We help get you on the map with web, cloud, social media, and process consulting and implementation.

Let us help you get started.

Data Intelligence

Use the data you have (or let us help you collect more) to make grounded and data-based business decisions. We can also help with optimizing data workloads and even use machine learning to guide business decisions.

Cloud Applications & Services

Not knowing where your data is can be very scary, but know we are here to help guide you! We will help you avoid potential pitfalls by leveraging cloud services.

Process Improvements

Have you found yourself needing or wanting better digital processes but not knowing where to find them? We can help recommend and implement solutions to help save you time and get you more organied.


You should choose FindingFlair because Exceptional Businesses Deserve an Exceptional Presence.

At FindingFlair we strive to provide impactful digital services to individuals and small businesses.

  • Exceptional Services
  • Exceptional Knowledge
  • Exceptional Results

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